Go Fuck Yourself
Style: Wee Heavy Ale (9E)
ABV: 10.2%

The brewers at Swag Factory have long been appreciators of high gravity beers, so in
an homage to Ol' Red Cease & Desist we made our own recipe for a Wee Heavy with the goal
of reaching a higher ABV. The result is slightly boozy, as expected, but with great taste
and a great warming feeling. If 10.2% isn't enough for you, you can go fuck yourself.

Grain Bill:
4 lb.Munich Malt
2.5 lb.Maris Otter Malt
0.5 lb.Crystal 20L
0.5 lb.Crystal 80L
0.5 lb.Caramunich Malt
0.5 lb.Caravienne Malt
0.25 lb.Briesse Smoked Malt
9 lb.Light DME

Hop Schedule:
60 min.1 oz. Warrior (15% AA)
60 min.1 oz. East Kent Goldings (5% AA)

Yeast: US-05
Original Gravity1.104
Final Gravity1.028

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